1) Our working hours are from 9 to 5, but we sometimes _______________ late to meet deadlines. a) works b) work c) are working d) is working 2) Irene ______________ her staff on EHS process at the moment. a) trains b) train c) are training d) is training 3) Companies normally _________ laptops to their staff working from home. a) are not giving b) doesn't give c) gives d) give 4) The candidate ______________ the job proposal today. a) are receiving b) is receiving c) receives d) receiving 5) Sally ____________ a lot to South America for business. a) is traveling b) traveling c) travels d) is travel 6) Hello! My name is Andrea. I _______ in charge of the Marketing department. a) are b) am being c) is d) am 7) Benefits for the employees ____________ gym memberships, travel expenses, parking space and lunch in the canteen. a) include b) includes c) are including d) is including 8) During this afternoon and as part of the Health & Well Being Plan, we ____________ private sessions with a team of nutritionists. a) offer b) are offering c) offers d) is offering 9) HR Coordinator ___________ staff salaries. a) calculate b) calculates c) is calculating d) are calculating 10) Recruiting process usually _________ about a month in our company. a) is taking b) take c) takes d) are taking

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