1) She ____ a beer every Saturday a) drink b) drinks c) drinkes 2) He ____ an apple everyday for breakfast a) eats b) eat c) eates 3) He always ____ his wallet when we go out a) forgets b) forget c) forgetes 4) I ____ to school by bus every morning a) go b) goes c) gos 5) We ____ three dogs a) has b) have 6) She loves to read, but she ____ romantic novels a) like b) likes c) doesn't like d) don't like 7) I don't like his music because he ____ very well a) don't sing b) doesn't sing c) sings 8) She is shy. She ____ very much a) speak b) speaks c) don't speak d) doesn't speak 9) The sun ____ every day at 6 am a) rise b) rises c) don't rise d) doesn't rise 10) The homework ____ difficult, but it really is a piece of cake a) seems b) seem c) don't seem d) doesn't seem

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