What is your favourite hobby?, Do you consider yourself a healthy person? Why?, What do you love doing during quarantine?, What do you hate doing during quarantine?, What's your favourite TV show? Why?, What's your favourite singer/band?, Where are you going to go after class?, What are you going to do this weekend?, What are you going to do tomorrow morning?, Have you got any musical talent? Which one?, Do you believe in aliens? Why?, What does your best friend look like?, What's your favourite place in the house? Why?, Do you have any pets? What is it name?, Do you have any plans for the summer? Which one?, What's in your bag/purse right now?, Who is your favourite actor/actress? , What is your favourite movie?, What will you do in 5 years?, What's your favourite book?, How many rooms are in your house? Which is your favourite?, What are you wearing right now?, Who is going to cook tonight in your house?, Do you like the city you live in? Why?, What is something you don't like about your city?, Do you like vegetables? Which is your favourite?.

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