1) I didn't _____ telling you about my decision because I know you don't care what we do. a) mind b) hesitate c) bother 2) I always ______ the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. a) consider b) hesitate c) commit 3) You have to study for the exam now. Don't __________ any longer. a) get used to b) put it off c) try out  4) The teacher will be upset if you decide to ______ of her class. a) get on b) drop out c) bother 5) First I'd decided to see a film, but then I changed my _____. a) together b) chance c) mind 6) I usually have trouble making decisions. I _____ a lot. a) hesitate b) commit c) involve 7) I want to travel and _______ food from lots of different countries. a) get involved b) try out c) put off 8) Don't ____ into things! Think of all your options carefully. a) involve b) hesitate c) rush

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