1) Last week my friend and I ____ to the cinema. a) goed b) went c) goes 2) When you called me, I ___ a bath. a) had b) were having c) was having 3) We always _____ dinner at 6 pm. a) ate b) eat c) are eating 4) Listen! She ____ music. a) plays b) played c) was playing d) is playing 5) in 2050 we _________ to music without needing any device a) will listen b) are going to listen c) listened 6) He was watching a movie when his parents ___ home. a) came b) come c) was coming 7) "What are you doing?" - "I ___ my homework." a) was doing b) did c) am doing 8) When she arrived at the party, her friends ____. a) danced b) were dancing c) dance 9) The train ____________ at Platform 2 in 5 minutes. a) leaves b) is going to leave c) is leaving d) left 10) She ________________ to Brazil 2 years ago. a) went b) was going c) will go

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