1) Do you consider yourself as an early bird or a night owl? Why? (Do you function better in the morning or at night? What kind of activities do you do?) 2) Do you prefer to buy clothes online or in shops? (How often do you buy new clothes?) 3) Where do you usually read news stories? (What sort of stories do you like best? Why?) 4) Which environmental problems do you think young people are most concerned about? 5) Do you like to be busy every day? (Why? /Why not?) 6) How important is being fashionable to you? (Do you follow fashion or create your own style?) 7) Do you like urban legends? (Why?/ Why not?) (What urban legend have you heard or known that you can tell?) 8) What can young people do to try and help with environmental problems? 9) Do you ever meet your friends in the evenings after school/university/work? (What do you do together?) 10) What do you prefer when choosing an outfit- that it is stylish, that it is unique or comfortable? 11) Have you ever been in a situation where you had to tell a lie to get away from it? 12) What environmental problems are important to you? (why?)

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