Can you spell your surname?, Can you spell your FULL name?, Where are you from?, Do you go out on Satuday night?, What's your phone number?, Do you do housework at the weekend?, Do you live in a big house?, Do you have breakfast at home?, Where do you usually have lunch?, What's your email address?, What's your address?, Do you exercise?, What time do you get up on...?, Do you live in a flat?, What's your favorite food?, What do you usually have for breakfast?, Do you like cats?, What time do you usually go to bed?, What's your favourite part of the weekend?, Can you describe your family?, When is your birthday?, What do you do?, What do you like doing at the weekends?, Who usually cooks in your house?, What time do you usually have dinner?, How many people are there in your family?, What do you usually do at weekends?, How do you feel at the end of the day?, When do you do English homework?, What time do start work?, What do you do in ...?, What did you do last weekend?, What did you do last night?, What did you do on your last holidays?.

(A1) Speaking Questions

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