she will pass her english exam. - if your sister studies every day, you will burn the rice again! - if you don't pay attention to the kitchen, your father will get wet! - if he doesn't have an umbrella, ARNET will cut our internet service! - if we don't pay on time, they will get to school on time! - if your brother and her girlfriend hurry, people will not go to the their jobs. - if the transport situation doesn't change, I will break your window with a brick! - if you don't give me my money, you will get COVID. - if you hug my sister, we will fail our exam. - if our teacher is angry, I will feed my dog - if it feels better, I will go to the party - if I am not sick, I will help you - if you trust in me, if your little brother is bad - your mom will take his cellphone, if you don't know what bitcoins are - you will lose a lot of money, if it is raining - we will watch a movie and order a pizza,

ADULTS3 - If-Will Clauses (Match the Sentences)

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