1) 1After we moved to the new location, the office layout was ________ to meet the company needs. a) reorganized b) decentralized c) rebuilt d) deregulated 2) 2 We should ______ the company according to our new business areas. We need more leaders to manage the different projects. a) reorganize b) decentralize c) rebuild d) restructure 3) 3 One of the benefits of ___________ to the outskirts of the city is the reduction of rent and tax expenses. a) relocating b) reorganizing c) decentralizing d) downsizing 4) 4 In an effort to reduce costs and save the company, the management ________ their personal assistants. a) relocated b) downsized c) rebuilding d) reorganized 5) 5 We realized it is necessary to ________ our sales representatives on the new product range. a) retrain b) relaunch c) downsize d) rebuild 6) 6 Our market leader product needs to be __________ so that the marketing strategy is updated. a) upgraded b) relaunched c) rebuilt d) retrained 7) 7 In order to ________ our shipping system we hired a new Logistics provider. a) retrain b) upgrade c) rebuild d) relaunch 8) 8 After restructuring the company we managed to _________ the operations and distribute the power of decision-making. a) relaunch b) retrain c) downsize d) decentralize 9) 9 After COVID-19 our building has been ________ in order to diversify the purposes of the building, it took 8 months to finish all the works. a) downsized b) redeveloped c) retrained d) decentralized 10) 10 Our company has been in the entertainment industry for very long, times have changed and we need to _______ the whole image of our business ir order not to lose market share. a) update b) upgrade c) retrain d) rebuild 11) 11 Those politicians looking forward to ________ the market are the same ones who monopolize the main services in Argentina. a) rebuilding b) decentralizing c) deregulating d) relaunching 12) 12 After failing the internal audit, the department decided to ________ the anti-corruption process. a) downsize b) reschedule c) reassess d) rebuild

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