Jack said that he hadn't cheated in the exam. CHEATING - Jack DENIED CHEATING in the exam, It was difficult for me not to laugh at Wendy's letter. HELP - I COULDN'T HELP LAUGHING at Wendy's letter., I'm sorry but you have not been appointed to the post. REGRET - I REGRET TO TELL YOU THAT you have not been appointed to the post., I needed a drink of water and so I stopped running. TO - I stopped running TO DRINK water, I think it would be a good idea to take the train. SUGGESTED - I SUGGESTED TAKING the train, Dont forget the lights when you leave. OFF - Dont forget TO TURN OFF the lights when you leave., I think Derek has forgotten the meeting. APPEARS - Derek APPEARS TO HAVE FORGOTTEN the meeting., My neighbour said he would call the police! THREATENED - My neighbour THREATENED TO CALL the police, I hate going to office parties. STAND - I CAN'T STAND GOING to office parties., Gerry didn't make it to the meeting on time. FAILED - Gerry FAILED TO ARRIVE at the meeting on time.,

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