1) My mum promised she ____ some cupcakes for my birthday a) will bake b) is going to bake c) is baking 2) I ____ lunch with my mum tomorrow at 12. a) am having b) will have c) have 3) It's become cold outside, I ___ the window a) will close b) am going to close c) close 4) My grandma says she thinks it _______________ tomorrow. a) is going to rain b) will rain c) is raining 5) I have only one plan for today: I ______ for my next exam. a) am going to study b) will study c) study 6) The bags are heavy, I _____ you a) am going to help b) will help c) am helping 7) Oh, no! Look at that tree! I think it _____________. a) is going to fall b) will fall. c) falls 8) This time on Sunday, I _________. a) will sleep b) are sleeping c) will be sleeping 9) I ________ a new laptop soon. a) will buy b) will be buying c) am going to buy 10) Our plane ________ at 5:00 tomorrow. a) leaves b) will leave c) is going to leave 11) I _______ a shower in 10 minutes, so don't phone me. a) have b) am having c) will be having

Future tenses (Present Simple, Present Continuous, will, going to, Future Continuous)

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