1) She liked... a) the present a lot b) a lot the present 2) Mark came... a) last night very late home b) home very late last night 3) The Ambulance arrived... a) at the scene of the accident after a few minutes b) after a fee minutes at the scene of the accident.  4) A young man was ...... and was taken to hospital. a) hurt badly b) badly hurt 5) I was.... a) incredibly tired last night b) last night incredibly tired 6) She's... about doing her homework. a) lazy a bit b) a bit lazy 7) I .... , but fortunately my sister reminded me. a) almost forgot your birthday b) forgot your birthday almost 8) ..... an umbrella because it started to rain straight away.  a) Luckily, we had taken b) We luckily had taken 9) Mary ...... healthily - she often hassnacks between meals  a) doesn't eat always b) doesn't always eat 10) ........ sacked a) John has been apparently b) Apparently, John has been

5th year: Unit 3B - The position of adverbs and adverbial phrases

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