1) _________ is the invisible force that pulls everything down to the ground (Earth’s surface). a) Energy b) Gravity c) Solar 2) Everything on Earth is affected by gravity. a) TRUE b) FALSE 3) ________ is push or a pull that makes objects (things) move; it can be strong or weak. a) Force b) Gravity c) Wind 4) ________ means how heavy something is on Earth. a) Height b) Weight c) Length 5) ________ means using a force to move things closer. a) Push b) Pull 6) ________ means to go in a direction towards the ground. a) Up b) Rise c) Fall 7) Even if you throw something up, gravity still pulls it down. a) True b) False 8) A scientist named Isaac Newton saw an _______ fall off a tree and started thinking about gravity. a) b) c) 9) Without gravity people could just float away into space. a) True b) False 10) No matter how heavy or light an object is, gravity still pulls it back down to the ground. a) True b) False

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