1) The measurement of the number of different kinds of plants and animals that live in an area. a) Biodiversity b) Desert c) Canopy 2) The tops of the trees in the rainforest. a) Desert b) Canopy c) Aquarium 3) A warm and wet habitat that is green with lots of trees and gets lots of rain. a) Desert b) Pond c) Rainforest d) Grassland 4) The place a plant or animal naturally lives and grows. a) Biodiversity b) Canopy c) Habitat d) Backyard 5) All of the living and non-living things in an area. a) Environment b) Trees c) Cactus d) Water falls 6) What does subterranean mean? a) river b) sea c) underground d) air 7) Which does not belong to the desert? a) b) c) d) 8) Which is a habitat to fish, birds, frogs and bugs? a) desert b) pond c) grassland d) ocean 9) Raccoons, skunks and mice are also called _________. They look  for food anywhere they find it. a) herbivores b) pets c) scavengers d) subterranean 10) These animals are subterranean EXCEPT a) b) c) d) 11) A large region that gets very little rain each year. Few plants or animals live in these areas.  a) grassland b) lake c) desert 12) The rainforest is a very diverse environment. a) b) 13) Scientists make a biodiversity to count the number of plants and animals to see if the environment is healthy. a) b) 14) Which does NOT describe a desert environment? a) large, extremely dry area of land b) plants and animals are specially adapted to the harsh environment c) has many different kinds of trees

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