1) There is a lamp in the _______ a) Bathroom b) Dining room  c) Living room  d) Bedroom 2) There is a fridge in the _______ a) Hall  b) Garage c) Kitchen d) Garden  3) There're books in the _______  a) Living-room b) Garden c) Dining room  d) Bathroom 4) Select the sentences that are correct.  a) There is a TV on the wall b) There are two armchairs behind the table c) There are two lamps on the bed. 5) Select the correct answer  a) There are books on the bed b) There are two armchairs behind the table c) There is a chair in front of the desk. 6) Whose camera is it? a) They're Ben's camera  b) It's Ben's camera c) It's Bens' camera 7) Whose skateboard is it? a) It's my grandparents' skateboard b) They're my grandparent's skateboard c) It's my skateboard's grandparents 8) Whose rollerblades are they? a) It's Sarah's rollerblades b) It's Sarahs' rollerblades c) They're Sarah's rollerblades 9) There _______ a bed in the bathroom. a) is b) isn't c) are d) aren't  10) There _______ armchairs in the living room.  a) is b) isn't c) are d) aren't  11) WHICH IS CORRECT? a) WHOSE BOOK IT IS? b) WHOSE BOOK IS IT? c) WHOSE BOOK ARE THEY? 12) WHICH IS CORRECT? a) WHOSE COMPUTERS ARE THEY? b) WHOSE COMPUTER ARE THEY? c) WHOSE COMPUTERS IS IT? 13) WHOSE BEDROOM IS IT? a) IT'S MY PARENTS'S BEDROOM b) THEY'RE MY PARENTS' BEDROOM c) IT'S MY PARENTS' BEDROOM 14) WHOSE ROLLERBLADES ARE THEY? a) THEY ARE THE ROLLERBLADES OF LUCY b) IT'S LUCY'S ROLLERBLADES c) THEY'RE LUCY'S ROLLERBLADES


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