1) Does she want to take photos? a) Yes, she do. b) No, she don't. c) Yes, she does. 2) What are they doing? a) They is playing volleyball. b) They are playing volleyball. 3) ________ Ben collect shells? __________doesn't. a) Do / Yes, they b) Does / Yes, he c) Does / No, he 4) What ______ she doing? ________ ________ flying a kite. a) are / They are b) is / He is c) Are / I am d) is / She is 5) Does he want to ___________? a) buy an ice cream b) go for a walk c) play frisbee 6) _______________ want to play frisbee?  a) Do they b) Does he c) Do you 7) ___________ mum and dad ___________? Yes, they do. a) Does / have a picnic b) Do / want to have a picnic c) Do / have a picnic 8) What is Peter doing? a) He's buying a ice cream b) He's buy an ice cream c) He's buying an ice cream 9) _______________________? Yes, she does. a) Does she want to sandcastle? b) Do she want to make a castle? c) Does she want to make a castle? d) Does she want to make a sandcastle? 10) What are they doing? a) They're exploring a rock pool. b) He's exploring pools c) They're collecting shells.

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