1) He ... the floor twice a week. a) clans b) didn't smile c) Is it snowing d) goes 2) We ... once a week. a) Did you watch b) are working c) goes d) study 3) She ... her favourite song! a) visited b) plays c) cleans d) is listening 4) My parents ... at the moment. a) are working b) didn't rain c) doesn't know d) cleans 5) I sometimes ... up my room, a) Tidy b) are working c) didn't smile d) am cooking 6) Yesterday was sunny. it ... ! a) go b) didn't rain c) plays d) doesn't know 7) She ... France last year. a) visited b) study c) Did you watch d) am cooking 8) - I ... now, can you call me later? a) is listening b) am cooking c) are working d) Do you study 9) She ... the lyrics, she always invents them! a) went b) Tidy c) Did you watch d) doesn't know 10) She ... videogames everyday! a) visited b) didn't smile c) is going d) plays 11) ... a horror film last sunday? a) Did you watch b) visited c) is listening d) don't travel 12) ... today? I want to build a snowman! a) Is it snowing b) went c) are working d) isn't playing 13) ... every night? a) Do you study b) visited c) doesn't know d) study 14) She ... right now! a) isn't playing b) go c) Is it snowing d) goes 15) They ... every summer. a) Do you study b) is listening c) don't travel d) Is it snowing 16) She ... when I met her yesterday a) Did you watch b) Do you study c) is listening d) didn't smile 17) He ... to school by bus every morning a) goes b) are working c) isn't playing d) didn't smile 18) He ... to school by bus last monday a) Did you watch b) didn't smile c) doesn't know d) went 19) He ... to school by bus today a) went b) go c) Did you watch d) is going 20) They .. to the park every afternoon  a) plays b) go c) am cooking d) is going

Choose the correct option use : simple present, present continuous and simple past

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