1) Adult plants and animals have ways to stay safe. How do their offspring stay safe from danger? a) how plants and animals stay safe b) how to take care of pet animals 2) What do seeds need to sprout? a) water b) seeds c) sunlight 3) Which picture shows a seedling? a) b) c) d) 4) What do seedlings need to sprout? a) water b) food 5) Which of the following is true about young animals? a) All baby animals grow up to be adults. b) Baby animals are larger than their parents. c) Some baby animals take care of themselves. 6) True or False? Baby animals face many dangers. a) True b) False 7) True or False?  All animal parents take care of their young. a) True b) False 8) Which picture shows a parent teaching its baby how to hunt for food? a) b) 9) Which picture shows a baby animal crying out? a) b) 10) What is the main idea of this section? a) Animals play together b) Parents take care of their young in many ways. 11) Which picture shows a mother and her baby? a) b) 12) Click all of the answers that show how scientists would study a group of seals. a) scientists would sleep b) scientists would write down notes c) scientists would make lots of noise d) scientists would look for patterns 13) Imagine you are a scientist. Click on the notes you might write about these animals. a) Lions are my favorite animal. I like them better than bears. b) The baby made a sound. Then the parent turned around. 14) What was this lesson mostly about? a) how plants grow b) how animal parents care for their young c) how scientists scare animals

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