1) Click on all of the plant parts that you see in the picture? a) roots b) leaves c) paws d) ears 2) Click on the picture that shows roots growing under the ground.  a) b) 3) Do plant roots have different shapes and sizes? a) yes b) no 4) Plant roots hold a plant in place in the ground. They keep the plant from falling over. What do plant roots do? a) They hold flowers. b) They keep plants from falling over. c) They hold leaves. 5) Plant roots come in many shapes and ______. a) boxes b) sizes c) branches 6) What do roots do? a) make food for the plant b) hold the plant in place 7) Do some plants have many stems? a) yes b) no 8) Which picture shows a tall stem? a) b) c) 9) 3 of the pictures show stems. Click on the three pictures that show stems.  a) b) c) d) 10) Where do plants make their food? a) in their stems b) in their roots c) in their leaves 11) Which picture shows skinny leaves called needles? a) b) 12) Plants make their own ____________. a) food b) insects c) sunlight 13) Plants use their ___________ to make food. a) color b) leaves c) shapes 14) Click on the 3 pictures that show leaves. a) b) c) d) 15) Which picture shows white flowers on an orange tree? a) b) c) 16) Which pictures shows an orange seed? a) b) c) 17) Which picture shows a flower? a) b) 18) Where do fruits form? a) up their plant b) around their seeds 19) What do stems do? a) They hold up the leaves. b) They make fruits. c) They make food.

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