1) If I ... a car, I wouldn't walk to work everyday. a) had b) will have c) has 2) If I won the lottery, I ... a Ferrari. a) buy b) would buy c) bought 3) If I ... you, I would go to the doctor immediately. a) were b) was c) am 4) What would you do if you... a wallet in the street? a) found b) find c) will find 5) I ... forgive Sophie if I were you. a) wouldn't b) won't c) don't 6) ... you go to Brenda's party, if you weren't busy? a) Would b) Will c) Did 7) If I were you, I ... Kevin the truth. a) will tell b) would tell c) told 8) What would you do if you … a snake? a) see b) saw c) did see 9) If I ... time, I would help you. a) have b) had c) will have 10) If I were you, I ... this hat. It's nice. a) buy b) bought c) would buy 11) What ... you do if you won the lottery? a) would b) will c) did 12) What would you do if you... your leg before the race? a) broke b) break c) would break 13) What would you do if you... the President? a) meet b) met c) would meet 14) What would you do if you... a motorbike for your birthday? a) get b) got c) will get

Second Conditional - Teens 3



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