1) Anna’s in the kitchen. She _____ dinner. a) COOKS b) IS COOKING c) WILL COOK 2) I _____ to eat fresh vegetables – I don’t like frozen. a) PREFERS b) AM PREFERING c) PREFER 3) He _____ swimming on Tuesdays. a) ALWAYS GOES b) IS ALWAYS GOING c) GOES ALWAYS 4) A: Is there anything on TV tonight? B: I don’t know. _____ in the paper a) I'LL LOOK b) I'M GOING TO LOOK c) I LOOK 5) We _____ the cinema on Saturday. Would you like to come? a) WILL GO TO b) GO TO c) ARE GOING TO 6) My brother _____ a job at the moment. a) ISN'T HAVING b) WON'T HAVE c) DOESN'T HAVE 7) The traffic’s terrible. I _____ miss my train. a) WILL TO b) AM GOING TO c) GO TO 8) Tom _____ arrives on time. He’s always late. a) NEVER b) SOMETIMES c) OFTEN 9) I _____ my wallet when I was on holiday last year. a) LOST b) 'VE BEEN LOSING c) 'VE LOST 10) She _____ had a bank account for five years now. a) HAD b) HAS c) HAVE 11) I’ve been playing football _____ I was six years old. a) WHEN b) SINCE c) FOR 12) Have you _____? There’s blue paint in your hair! a) BEEN PAINTING b) PAINTING c) PAINTED 13) You look tired. What _____? a) you have been doing b) have you doing c) have you been doing 14) Alan _____ a lot of money when he was a student. a) borrowed b) has borrowed c) has been borrowing 15) A: When _____ on holiday to Thailand? B: Two years ago. a) DID YOU GO b) HAVE YOU GONE c) YOU WENT 16) How much money _____ you earn last month? a) DID b) HAVE c) DO 17) We’ve been living in this house _____ four years now. a) FROM b) SINCE c) FOR 18) What’s the _____ way to get around London? a) FASTEST b) MOST FAST c) MOST FASTEST 19) Your son is _____ driver I’ve ever seen. a) THE WORSE b) WORST c) THE WORST 20) The journey didn’t take as long _____ we thought. a) THAT b) THAN c) AS 21) She loves Rome. It’s _____ beautiful city she’s been to. a) THE MORE b) THE MOST c) MOST 22) The food was awful because he _____ too much salt in it. a) HAD PUT b) WAS PUTTING c) HADN'T PUT  23) The film _____ in New York. a) IS SETTING b) SET c) IS SET 24) Parts of the Harry Potter films _____ in an Oxford college. a) FILMED b) WERE FILMED c) WERE FILMING 25) The film will _____ made in Britain. a) BE b) HAVE c) BEEN 26) This fish has to _____ today. a) BE ATE b) BE EAT c) BE EATEN

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