1) We get milk from the ... in our farm. a) confident b) cattle c) cowboy d) homesick e) outdoors f) ranch 2) I used to be afraid of meeting new people, but now I'm more .... a) confident b) zipwire c) cowboy d) homesick e) outdoors f) ranch 3) He used to work as a ... on a ranch in Texas.  a) homesick b) outdoors c) cowboy d) souvenir  e) sunrise f) Native American 4) I sometimes get ... when I go to school trips. a) tepee b) confident c) cattle d) zipwire e) homesick f) sunrise 5) I was really scared about going on the .... but I really enjoyed it! a) ranch b) cattle c) tepee d) zipwire e) sunrise f) outdoors 6) When the weather is good, we like to eat .... a) indoors b) zipwire c) cattle d) outdoors e) sunrise f) homesick


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