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Resistors - A device used to control current in an electric circuit by providing resistance. , Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) - These resistors are sensitive to light, Thermistors - These resistors are sensitive to temperature, Capacitors - An electric circuit element used to store charge temporarily, consisting in general of two metallic plates separated and insulated from each other by a dielectric., Diodes - Allows current to flow through it in one direction only. , Light emitting diode (LED) - Emits light when a current of about 10mA flows through the junction., Thyristors - A thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor that is often used for handling large amounts of power., Diacs - Diac is a trigger diode or a bi-directional electronic switch, which can pass current in either of the directions. This form of a diode conducts electric current only after the break over voltage has been reached momentarily. , Triac - Triac is a three terminal semiconductor for controlling current in either direction., Transistor - A semiconductor device with three connections, capable of amplification in addition to rectification.,

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