1) _____ to Milan? a) Have you been b) Have you be c) Have you 2) I’ve seen the restaurant but I haven’t_____ there. a) eat b) ate c) eaten 3) A: Have you had dinner? B: Yes, I _____ a) do b) have c) did 4) _____ Jamie gone home? a) Did b) Is c) Has 5) We _____ to the cinema last night a) have gone b) have been c) went 6) Have you _____ a sports car? a) ever driven b) driven ever c) ever drive 7) She _____ win a medal before. a) did never won b) have never won c) has never won 8) _____ any good music recently? a) Have you bought b) Do you buy c) Did you buy 9) We _____ to Sydney in 2010. a) have gone b) went c) have been 10) We _____ to Sydney in 2010. a) Have b) Did c) Has 11) Emma has _____ her leg. a) break b) broke c) broken 12) What time _____ ? a) has the party finished b) did the party finish c) finished the party 13) A: Have you ever been to India? B: Yes, we _____ there three years ago. a) have been b) went c) has been 14) When _____ go to New York? a) first you did b) you first c) did you first 15) My sister’s studying _____ law at university. a) a b) the c) - 16) I need _____ some emails. a) send b) to send c) sending 17) My uncle’s _____ artist. a) an b) the c) - 18) She hopes _____ a famous singer one day. a) become b) becoming c) to become 19) This is _____ best song on the CD. a) the b) a c) - 20) You _____ to do more exercise. a) would b) need c) learn 21) She _____ learn Spanish. a) would like to b) likes c) like to 22) He doesn’t want _____ back to work. a) go b) going c) to go 23) You speak very fast. Can you speak more _____, please? a) careful b) slowly c) slow 24) I can’t understand him. He speaks English very _____. a) badly b) bad c) wrong

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