1) How old is Maisie? a) b) c) 2) What things does she like? a) She likes reading and writing stories b) She likes swimming and rock music c) She likes reading and swimming 3) What does Maisie see one day? a) A box called Montoya b) A piece of wood c) A lot of gold coins 4) What is her grandfather watching? a) An expensive dolphin b) A big American boat and a dolphin c) A small American boat 5) What does the boat do? a) It hits the Warm Wind b) It moves fast near Maisie c) It hits the dolphin and drives away 6) Where do Maisie and her grandfather take the dolphin? a) To Freeport Animal Hospital b) To Maisie's house c) To the nearest vet 7) How much does Carl Flint offer for the hospital and the house? a) He offers $2.000 b) He offers $200.000  c) He offers $20.000 8) What is the name of the dolphin? a) King b) Ben c) Carl 9) Why is Maisie sad? a) Because the dolphin is not good b) Because Carl buys the house c) Because Ben and her are friends now 10) What has Ben got in his mouth? a) He has got a box b) He has got a map c) He has got an old key 11) Why is Ben jumping out of water? a) He wants Maisie to follow him b) He wants to eat c) He wants to play with the key 12) What are there in the box? a) There are silver coins b) There are metal coins c) There are gold coins 13) Does Maisie's dad accept the money? a) Yes b) No 14) What do Maisie's parents do with the Montoya coins? a) They buy the American boat b) They build a new hospital c) They fix the house

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