1) My sister is ______ than me. a) taller b) more tall 2) The blue car is ______ than the red car. a) more fast b) faster 3) This shirt is ______ than the shirt from H&M. a) expensiver b) more expensive 4) This room is ______ than mine. a) more colourful b) colourfuller 5) A blue whale is ________ than a dolphin. a) heavier b) more heavier 6) A tiger is _________ than a cat. a) more strong b) stronger 7) Playing chess is _____________ than puzzles. a) interestinger b) more interesting 8) He is ______________ man of the world. a) taller than b) the tallest 9) Einstein is __________________ scientist. a) the most intelligent b) more intelligent than 10) She is ____________________ woman of the contest. a) more beautiful than b) the most beautiful 11) She is ___________________ athlete of the world. a) The fastest b) The most fast 12) The cell phone is ________________ gadget of all. a)  better than b) the best c) good

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