1) Hey, teacher! I'm new at the institute. Where is ___ classroom? a) YOUR b) THEIR c) MY d) ITS 2) Sorry, Sir. Is that _______ car? a) MY b) HER c) HIS d) YOUR 3) Good morning! What's ______ name and passport number? a) MY b) YOUR c) ITS d) OUR 4) ______ names are Joey and Phoebe. They are friends a) OUR b) THEIR c) HIS d) MY 5) "This is _____ fight"  a) THEIR b) OUR c) YOUR d) HER 6) _______ capital city is Cairo a) MY b) THEIR c) ITS d) OUR 7) Peter has two dogs. ______ dogs are national champions a) THEIR b) HER c) ITS d) HIS 8) Susan possesses a great collection of books. ______ collection is the biggest collection I've seen in ____ life!!! a) HIS/MY b) ITS/MY c) HER/MY d) MY / MY 9) The professor and _____ students are in the laboratory now  a) HIS b) THEIR c) HER d) OUR 10) ______ expectations are really big! We are really excited with this new project!! a) MY b) HER c) YOUR d) OUR

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