1) Liffey is the name of an important.... in Dublin 2) Where were Andy and Mary at the beginning of chapter 5? 3) Who was driving the taxi? 4) Was Mary afraid when she was in the taxi with Andy? 5) What is the goodbye game? 6) What was important about the film "The goodbye game"? 7) Whose eyes did Andy cover? 8) Whose eyes did Mary cover? 9) Who took his hand out of the wheel? 10) Explain what happened to the taxi after the twins plan? 11) Did the twins escape from the car? 12) What did the two men do after they fell into the river? 13) What did Andy see after they found a seat near the river Liffey? 14) What did the twins do after they escape from the taxi? 15) Who is Helen Forrester? 16) Who's Tom Brady? 17) Did the police catch Mr. Green shirt ad Mr.Blue shirt? 18) What did the police show the twins while they were in the station? 19) Did the police know the criminals? 20) Who called Mrs O'Brien? 21) Why did Sergeant Brady quickly look at Inspector Forrester when Mary said "Mrs. Obrien"? 22) In your opinion: Why did Hellen say "There are a lot of O'Briens in Dublin"?

Little trouble in Dublin chapter 5 & 6

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