1) I'm not a ____, I don't work at a restaurant a) CHEF b) LAWYER c) TEACHER 2) My sister ____ at home yesterday. She was at school. a) WAS b) WERE c) WASN'T d) WEREN'T 3) We have English lessons on ____ (2nd day of the week) a) MONDAY b) TUESDAY c) THURSDAY d) SATURDAY 4) My mother was born in _______ a) PORTUGUESE b) CHINA c) BRAZILIAN d) ARGENTINIAN 5) Can you give me ______ magazines that are on the table over there? a) THAT b) THESE c) THOSE d) THIS 6) My fayher's brother is my _________ a) COUSIN b) UNCLE c) AUNT d) GRANDFATHER 7) I'm hot and thirsty, I think I'll order a ______ a) HAMBURGER b) PIZZA c) COFFEE d) ORANGE JUICE 8) Some work office, do not allow women to wear ____ in summer a) JACKETS b) BOOTS c) SKIRTS d) JEANS 9) I often get up at _______ (8,45) a) QUARTER PAST EIGHT b) HALF PAST SEVEN c) QUARTER TO NINE d) TWENTY PAST NINE 10) She _________ watches TV, she doesn't even have a TV at home! a) ALWAYS b) USUALLY c) NEVER d) SOMETIMES 11) We _______ play sports, we prefer playing video games a) DON'T b) DOESN'T c) WASN'T d) WEREN'T 12) ______ Melisa work at a bank? a) DOES b) DO c) IS d) ARE 13) ________ a spa in this hotel, but you can find one two blocks away. a) THERE IS b) THERE ISN'T c) THERE ARE d) THERE AREN'T

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