1) ____'s your name? a) Who b) What 2) ____ you from Italy? a) Are b) Is 3) _____Lisa. I'm Marisa a) Am not b) I'm not 4) Hi, Mark! ____ in my class. a) You b) You're 5) ___ from? I'm from Russia. a) Where are you b) Where you are 6) Where's Gdansk? ___ in Poland. a) Is b) It's 7) Is John married? No, _____ a) he isn't b) she isn't 8) ___ English? No, she's American. a) Is she b) She's 9) They ____ Spanish. They're Mexican. a) aren't b) not 10) Are you on holiday? No, ____ on business. a) we're b) we 11) Ana and Julia are from Recife. ____ Brazilian. a) She's b) They're 12) ___ Mario and Renata Italian? Yes, they're from Milan. a) Are b) Is 13) How old ___? I'm 19 a) you are b) are you 14) _____ are you? Fine, thanks. And you? a) How b) Who 15) _____ address? It's 304 High Street a) What your b) What's your 16) A: How ________your surname? How your surname? B: G-A-R-C-I-A. a) you spell b) do you spell

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