1) He was playing football ___________ his father was washing the car. a) while b) when 2) They were doing a pic nic in the park ______ the rain started! a) while b) when 3) I _____________ while my mother _________________ the dinner. a) was studying / cooked b) studied / cooked c) was studying / was cooking 4) I _________ a horror movie when my brother _________ me. a) was watching / scared b) was watching / was scaring c) watched / scared 5) I was walking my dog _______ a cat appeared. a) when b) while 6) She was sleeping ________ the phone rang. a) while b) when 7) I ____________ attention while the teacher_____________. a) wasn't paying / spoke b) wasn't paying / was speaking c) payed / spoke 8) I was doing my homework ______ my dog barked loudly. a) while b) when 9) He ______________ tennis while we _____________ hockey. a) was playing / played b) played / played c) was playing / were playing 10) I ________ TV when the lights ________ out. a) watched / went b) was watching / were going c) was watching / went


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