1 - Would you rather stay in or go out?, 2 - Is travelling an important part of your life?, 3 - What is the best way to learn something new?, 4 - What would you work as in your ideal job?, 5 - Do you prefer buying things online or in actual shops?, 6 - Are you good at organising your time to get lots of things done?, 7 - Do you consider yourself a fussy or a picky eater?, 8 - What is the best way to unwind when you feel stressed?, 9 - Which person has had the biggest influence on your life?, 10 - What do you think is the worst invention of recent times?, 11 - Is the way you dress important?, 12 - Who do you look up to?, 13 - How has the way we spend our free time changed in recent years?, 14 - If you were going to travel the world, would you prefer to do it alone or with friends?, 15 - Are you the kind of person who spends a long time studying for exams?, 16 - Do you enjoy the act of shopping?, 17 - Where do you think you will be, and what will you be doing in 20 years time?, 18 - Tell me a little about your oldest friend. (known for the longest time), 19 - What can´t you put up with in your day to day life?, 20 - Do you know how to cook? Which is the best way to learn?, 21 - Do you and your friends have a lot in common and agree on things?, 22 - How could you save time in your daily routine?, 23 - What motivates you more, having a challenging job or earning lots of money?, 24 - Are you a very dedicated person when you have to work on something?, 25 - What is the most memorable thing that you have done in your life?, 26 - When you organize something, do you normally plan ahead?,


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