1) Of all the students in my class, Rosy was ________________. a) the more intelligent. b) the most intelligent. c) the intelligentest. d) more intelligent. 2) Tokyo is one of ______________ cities in the world. a) the larger b) largest c) the most large d) the largest 3) My mum is _______________ your mum. a) the oldest than b) oldest than c) older than d) more old than 4) A farm is _______________ a square in a city. a) more quiet than b) more quieter than c) the quietest than d) quietest than 5) What's _______________ car in the world? a) the more fast b) fastest c) faster d) the fastest 6) Those were _______________ cars of their time. a) the best b) the better c) best d) the most good 7) Is that ________________ brand in the world? a) worse b) the worst c) the worse d) worse than 8) Football is _______________ than golf. a) the easiest b) easiest c) easier d) more easier

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