1) Hi! How are you? I'm Lionel Messi and I'm from Argentina. I am... a) British b) Argentinian c) Spanish 2) Hello! I'm Harry Styles and I'm from the UK. I am... a) British b) American c) Argentinian 3) Hey! I'm Rafael Nadal and I'm from Spain. I'm... a) Spanish b) Argentinian c) Italian 4) Hello! I'm Robert Downey Jr and I'm from the USA. I am... a) Chinese b) British c) American 5) Hello! I'm Yao Ming and I'm from China. I'm... a) Italian b) Chinese c) Turkish 6) Hey! I'm Giacomo Gianniotti and I'm from Italy. I am... a) French b) Brazilian c) Italian 7) Hello! I'm Tini Stoessel and I'm from Argentina. I am... a) French b) American c) Argentinian 8) Hello! I am Robert Lewandowski and I am from Poland. I'm... a) Polish b) Brazilian c) Argentinian 9) Hey! I am Gael García Bernal and I am from Mexico. I am... a) Mexican b) Chilean c) Argentinian 10) Hello! I am Hasbulla Magomedov and I'm from the Russia. I am... a) Turkish b) Russian c) Brazilian 11) Hello! I am Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior and I'm from the Brazil. I am... a) Mexican b) Chinese c) Brazilian 12) Hello! I am Kerem Bürsin and I'm from the Turkey. I am... a) Italian b) Turkish c) Russian

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