As a child, what was the most interesting place in your neighbourhood? Describe your childhood, Positive and negative things about the lockdown, Free time. Hobbies and interests, Plans for the future. short-term and long-term plans, What´s the biggest success you´ve had? and the biggest opportunity you´ve missed?, Movies: What was the last movie/ serie you watch? Recommendations?, Travel: When was the last time you went on holidays? Where? pros and cons of the place , Family and friends: Do you spend much time with them? What do you do when you get together?, Hometown: Main attractions. Recommendations to visit places, Art: What kind of art do you like? Why?, Daily routine: Tell us about your routine during weekdays, Going out: Do you often go out? where?, Music: What music do you listen to? when was the last time you went to a concert?, News and media: What kind of news do you usually follow?, Reading: what was the last book you´ve read? any suggestion?, shopping: shopping alone vs with others. shopping online vs in the shop. Do you like shopping?, Sport: Do you play any sport?, Nature: Are you concerned about the environment?Are you eco friendly? What can we do to protect the planet?, Society: What social problems are there in your country? what about crime?, Job: Describe your job. What you like, what you dont like. , Food: How important is a balanced diet for you? How is your diet?, Health: what about the conditions of the healthcare system in your country? What about free assistance for everyone?, Education: Tell us about your education ( primary, secondary school, university) What did you enjoy most? What made you suffer?.

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