Do you have any pets?, What was the last book you read?, Do you like cooking? why/why not?, What's your favorite food?, Are you good at cooking?, What does your best friend do?, Do you have brothers and sisters?, What's the weather like today?, Do you like tennis? Why/why not?, Who do you live with?, Do you live in a house or an apartment?, What do you do in your free time?, Why are you studying English?, How old are you? , Can you describe yourself?, Tell me about a favorite moment when you were a child., What are your hobbies?, What would you like to do before you die?, Can you describe your hometown?, What country are you from? do you like it? why/why not?, What do you do on Sundays?, What do you do? , Is there a bank near your house? if so, how can I get there?, What would you like to eat right now?, What kind of people do you not like?, What's your address?, Can you describe your mother?, What's your phone number?, When did you start to study English?, Where do you live?, Where were you born?, Which sports do you like?, Would you like to be famous? why/why not?, When do you work best? In the morning, afternoon, or evening?, Do you have neighbors? Do you like them? why/why not?, What is the best memory from last summer?, What is the worst memory of a dinner or lunch at a restaurant?.

Speaking Cards - SENIOR 1 - CEFR A1/A2

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