Good evening. Yes, please follow me. - Good evening. Can I have a table for two?, Of course, here you are. - Could we see the menu?, Not yet. Could you give us more time to look at the menu? - Are you ready to order?, It's a lamb casserole with vegetables and mashed potato. - Could you explain what this dish is?, I'd recommend the sirloin steak. It's very good. - What would you recommend?, Excellent choice. - I'd like the garlic prawns to start and the sirloin steak., Medium rare, please. - How would you like your steak?, We'll have two glasses of red wine, please. - What would you like to drink?, It was delicious. Thank you. - How was your food?, No thanks. I'm stuffed. I couldn't eat another thing. - Would you like any dessert?, Yes. I'd like a small cup of coffee. - Are you sure? How about a coffee?, Of course. I'll bring it. - Could I have the bill, please?, I'm very sorry about that. I'll fix it. - I think there's a mistake on the bill., Yes, we accept Mastercard and Visa. - Can I pay by credit card?, Certainly. - Could I have a receipt, please?, You're welcome. Hope to see you again. - Thank you. The food was fantastic.,

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