1) He ... a short story in the Literature lesson yesterday. a) SPOKE b) WROTE c) RODE 2) I ... a new pair of shoes. a) CAUGHT b) THOUGHT c) BOUGHT 3) Harry finally ... the ball in the baseball match! a) CAUGHT b) FOUND c) TOLD 4) Lucy loves reading. Last Friday we went to the library and she ... a horror story. a) KNEW b) RAN c) CHOSE 5) My little sister ... all day long. a) SOLD b) DRAW c) WORE 6) Yesterday, it was Tim's first football practice. He ... three bottles of water!. a) DROVE b) TOOK c) DRANK 7) My best friend ... us to the party. a) DROVE b) RODE c) WALKED 8) Poor Jim! He ... down and hurt his head. a) FELT b) FLEW c) FELL 9) The plane ... towards Buenos Aires. a) TOOK OFF b) FLEW c) LANDED 10) France ... FIFA's world cup last year. a) LEARNT b) STOLE c) LOST 11) I ... my friends after school. a) MET b) SWAM c) WON 12) Yesterday afternoon, Jess went to the patio and ... a new book. a) WROTE b) RODE c) READ 13) Justin ... his motorbike and did some tricks. a) DROVE b) RODE c) THOUGHT 14) Jessica ... lemonade for 50 cents.. a) SENT b) SOLD c) SAW 15) They ... about their last summer vacations. a) SPENT b) RAN c) SPOKE 16) A robber ... my bag last night. a) STOLE b) TOOK c) SWAM 17) Argentina ... FIFA's world cup in 2022. a) WORE b) WON c) SWAM


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