1) What are you like? Why? 2) What's your friend like? Why? 3) What do you usually wear? 4) What does your friend usually wear? 5) What's your favourite clothing style? 6) How often do you update your profile on a social networking site? 7) What's your favourite technological device? Why? 8) What were you doing yesterday at this time? 9) What were your parents doing yesterday at this time? 10) What time did you get up today? 11) Did you go to school yesterday? 12) Did you meet your friends last weekend? 13) Where did you go last weekend? 14) Who did you visit last weekend? 15) What did you eat for lunch today? 16) What games did you use to play in primary school? 17) How did you use to go to primary school? 18) Does your friend play computer games in his/her free time? 19) What did you get as a present for your last birthday? 20) When does your friend visit you? 21) How often do you read? Do you like it? 22) Where would you loke to volunteer? Why? 23) Which generation are you? Describe it. 24) What makes you happy? Why? 25) When was the last time you had a problem with technology? What happened? 26) What were you doing the last time you had a problem with technology?

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