1) If we ______ the forests, the animals will lose their home. a) destroy b) destroys c) will destroy 2) I ______ new shoes if we visit the shopping centre. a) buy b) buys c) will buy 3) If people ______ trees, we won't have forests. a) don't plant b) doesn't plant c) won't plant 4) _______ to the party if Martha invites you? a) Do you come b) Does you come c) Will you come 5) If he _____ more, he _____ his exams. a) don't study/don't pass b) doesn't study/won't pass c) don't study/won't pass 6) ______ with us if we ____ them to? a) Do they eat/ will ask b) Does they eat/ will ask c) Will they eat/ ask

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