It's not necessary to have experience to do the job., Name three things people should if they are invited to a birthday party., It's not necessary for us to pay for this language course by Wednesday., I suggest you listen to an English radio station for fifteen minutes every day., We feel obliged to phone our cousin this evening because it was her birthday., Name three things people mustn't do at the beach., I don't think it's a good idea for them to go out tonight., It's obligatory for builders to wear helmets here., Name three things people shouldn't do if they have a flu., It's not obligatory for the secretary to speak French, Smoking is prohibited here., It isn't a good idea to wear informal clothes for a job interview., Name four things people mustn't do when they are driving, Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in the classroom, It is essential for Karen to be calm in her job., Name three things people must do everyday. , It is not necessary to live in France in order to learn French, Name three things you should do if you break up with someone., Name three things people have to do at work., Don't come back late to work again or I'll fire you, In our school, teachers are not allowed to wear skirts., Name three things children have to do at school..

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