give up - stop making an effort; admit defeat., throw away - discard something as useless or unwanted., turn down - to reject or refuse to consider / lower the volume of sth, look up - search for and find a piece of information in a book or database, look after - take care of someone or something, take out - to remove something from somewhere, try on - to put on an item of clothing to see if it fits or suits one., get on  - to have a harmonious or friendly relationship., go on - to continue, pick up - to lift or move someone or something / to collect somebody in one's car, go out - to leave a room or building, especially in order to do something for entertainment, wake up - to stop sleeping, run out of - when all of aparticular thing has been used or it is completely finished, take off - remove clothing from one's or another's body., drop off - to take someone or something to a particular place, turn on - cause to operate an object by using a remote control / to make the volume of sth go higher, check in - to arrive and register at a hotel or airport., go off - starting to ring loudly or make a loud noise / to stop working,

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