How often / eat out?, any food or drink / you couln't live without?, / the diet in your country / get better or worse?, / ever cook? What / make?, /do anything with a family member this weekend?, What / do in the summer?, What / last thing / buy? When? Why / buy?, What’/ favourite sport? How long / do that?, What /do? How long /you work / study there?, / a spender or a saver? Why?, / you / lose a credit card or wallet? When / happen?, / you / win money, for example in the lottery? When / that?, / see a dissapointing film? Why dissapointing?, Who / most interesting person / you know?, prefer / send text messages or talk on mobile? Why?, ever / make / embarrassing mistakes / English? What?, What subjects / use to / study?, What school / use to / go to?.

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