1) The cross-country athlete was so hungry after his race that he consumed a large amount of food for dinner. What does the word consumed mean in this sentence? a) to donate b) to share c) to eat or drink d) to watch 2) The hikers sweltered in the intense heat of the midday sun. What does the word sweltered mean in this sentence? a) relaxed b) burned c) slept d) froze 3) Ellie chose to terminate her internet subscription. She no longer wanted to pay for a service that she wasn't using. What does the word terminate mean in this sentence? a) bring to an end b) to start c) to share d) to add more 4) Emily was bold when she approached the boy who was teasing her and told him to stop.  Her friends were impressed by her bravery. What is the meaning of bold in this sentence? a) courageous b) shy c) scared d) nervous

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