1) ... a football match in my school last week. a) There were b) There was c) There is 2) A: ... the weekend? B: Great, thanks! :) a) How was b) How were c) Why was 3) What ... last weekend? a) you did b) do you do c) did you do 4) ... some friends last Saturday night? a) Did you visited b) Do you visited c) Did you visit 5) A: ... was the football match important? B: Because we won the cup! a) When b) Why c) Who 6) A: ... did the players arrive to Argentina? B: On Monday. a) When b) Where c) Who 7) In 2013, Miley Cyrus ... a) has got short spiky blonde hair. b) had got short spiky blonde hair. c) had got short wavy blonde hair. 8) In this picture, Maluma... a) has got wavy dark brown hair and a round face. b) has got short curly hair and sunglasses. c) has got a thin face, short wavy dark brown hair and a beard. 9) Lucas is my best friend. I really admire ... because he ... very well. a) her / can ski b) him / can skate c) him / can ski 10) My hobbies are playing tennis and ... I like ... because they help me relax. a) wrestling / it b) sailing / them c) cycling / them 11) Did you ... in 2018? a) got married b) grow up c) get married 12) I'm really into ... the paino. It's great fun! a) playing b) to play c) playng 13) Some vegans say eating animals is... a) kind. b) useful. c) cruel 14) There ... people in the stadium. That was sad. a) weren't any b) wasn't any c) wasn't a 15) ... minutes are there in an hour? a) How many b) How much c) How long 16) Dolphins are ... rabbits. a) intelligent than b) most intelligent than c) more intelligent than 17) Messi ... in the world a) is the most fast footballer b) is the faster footballer c) is the fastest footballer 18) A: What's ... subject at school? B: English, of course! a) the most interesting b) more interesting c) the interesting 19) I ... when I was a kid but now I can. a) can't play chess b) couldn't play chess c) could play 20) If it ..., we ... to the park. a) don't rain / won't go b) rains / will go c) doesn't rain / will go  21) She ... at night if she ... too much coffee! a) won't sleep / drinks b) won't sleep / drink c) will sleep / drinks 22) You ... eat too much cake! a) mustn't b) should c) shouldn't



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