1) How often do you chat online? 2) How often do you watch TV? 3) Tell me about your weekends. What do you usually do? 4) What's the most useful app you've got on your phone? Why? 5) Could you live without your mobile phone? 6) Did you help at home at the weekend? 7) What were you doing yesterday morning? 8) What sport do you find the most boring? 9) Tell me something interesting that happened to you on holiday. 10) Have you ever played a musical instrument? 11) If you go online this evening, what website will you visit first? 12) Do you think doing puzzles can make you more intelligent? 13) What are you good at doing? 14) What are you going to do next holidays? 15) What's the most interesting job? Explain. 16) Have you ever travelled to another country? 17) What's the most delicious food for you? 18) What are you scared of?



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