Where did you go last week?, What did you yesterday in the morning?, What kind of things put you in a bad mood?, What do you like doing in your spare time?, Have you ever travelled abroad?, How long have you had your phone?, Have you ever played table tennis?, What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city? , How do you celebrate Chritmas?, How do you celebrate New Year?, Do you prefer relaxing Holidays or exciting Holidays? Why?, What do you like doing when you are on holiday?, Have you ever been to Miami?, When you have a problem, who do you ask for help? Friends or family? Why?, Have you ever played any instuments?, What are you going to do next Holidays?, Are you going to watch tv tonight? What are you going to watch?, Are internet forums good places to get advice? Why? / Why not? , What are you going to do next weekend?, What will you do after the class?, Where in the world would you most like to visit? Why?, How did you celebrate your last birthday?, Do you think more people will eat insects in the future? Why? / Why not?, If you have money, What will you buy?, Where were you last night? Were you playing video games?, If you were famous for a day, What would you do?, Have you ever bought something and then been unhappy with it?, What do you do to keep fit during the summer holidays?, When was the last time you went shopping?, What were you like as a child? Were you noisy?, What did you use to do when you were 5 years old?, What games would you recommend for a long journey? Why?.

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