Your group has been assigned to choose a famous historical figure and write a biography. Brady wants to write about Thomas Jefferson but you would prefer to write about Martin Luther King Jr. What can you say?, Is the boy in green listening? Name two ways you can tell., Your friend Austin loves to talk about a new show on TV. Its all he ever talks about. Could this be a problem? Why?, Your teacher decides to join your group of friends for lunch. Tell me how your conversation might change and why?, You heard your friend is really good at playing the oboe. You want to know more about it. What's one question you could ask her? She tells you that the oboe is similar to the clarinet. What could you say to keep the conversation going?, Your science class is studying the different forms of energy. You and a partner were assigned a project on chemical energy. You have a great idea for a project instead on electrical energy. What can you say to your teacher? He decides you need to do chemical energy, what would you say?, The teacher assigned the students to interview each other. What could be wrong with this picture? How can you tell?, During a group project, you notice one member is taking the majority of the work. Could this be a problem? why?, You see your principal in the hallway at school. How would you say an appropriate greeting to him. What if you see your friend in the hallway, how would you say an appropriate greeting to them?, You heard your friend received an award at a state speech meet. You want to know more about it. Whats one question you could ask her? How could you keep the conversation going?,

Problem solving inferences



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