Energy  - the ability to do work or cause change, Mechanical Energy - the energy of motion or moving parts, Potential Energy  - Energy of position--stored energy that COULD do work , Kinetic Energy - Energy of motion , Electrical Energy  - the energy of charged particles called electrons, Battery  - the source of power in an electrical circuit, Circuit - a COMPLETE path around which electricity can FLOW, series circuit - an electric circuit in which the devices (lights) are connected in ONE loop/ pathway, parallel circuit - an electric circuit in which EACH device (light) has its OWN separate loop/ pathway , light energy - the energy of photos that travel in straight lines in waves; energy we can see, reflection - the bouncing back of light from a smooth, shiny surface, absorb - to take in , refraction - the bending of light as it moves through different mediums, prism - a 3D piece of glass that separates white light into a spectrum, transmit - to move through, concave lens - lens that is THINNER in the CENTER and THICKER at the edges; bends the light OUTWARD; makes things appear SMALLER, convex lens - lens that is THICKER in the center and THINNER at the edges; bends light INWARD; makes things appear LARGER, transparent - clear; ALMOST all light can pass through, translucent - allows SOME light to pass through; wax paper, opaque - does NOT allow light to pass through; casts a shadow; foil , thermal energy - the total energy of moving particles that make up an object, observable in the object's state of matter and how it transfers heat, conduction - the movement of heat between 2 objects that TOUCH each other; candle warmer, convection - the movement of heat energy through liquids and gas in currents; candle carousel or hot air balloon , radiation - the movement of heat through space; heat from a candle or a fire , sound energy - the energy of vibrations; energy we can HEAR; travels in waves, pitch vs. volume - 1. highness or lowness of sound 2. soft or loud,

Unit 2: Forms of Energy vocab cards


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