1) ... you write emails? a) Do b) Did c) Were 2) ... you write an email yesterday? a) Do b) Did c) Will 3) My little brother ... eat soup. a) doesn't b) didn't c) wasn't 4) ... your grandfather a teacher? a) Does b) Was c) Did 5) ... your grandfather tell you stories? a) Is b) Does c) Was 6) ... your father teach you how to swim? a) Is b) Do c) Did 7) Did he ... at a circus? a) work b) works c) worked 8) He ... lunch yesterday. a) cook b) cooks c) cooked 9) He likes to cook. He ... every day. a) cook b) cooks c) cooked 10) He ... cook lunch two days ago. a) isn't b) doesn't c) didn't

Test 2 Past Simple and Present Simple


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